Size Requirements

For more information about the requirements for Hawthorne North please read our covenants.

The minimum square footage of living space for dwellings constructed on Lots in the Subdivision, exclusive of porches, terraces, garages, carports, accessory buildings, or basements, or portions thereof, or similar facilities not designed for regular and continuous habitation, shall be:


Architectural Review Committee

All house plans must be approved by the Hawthorne North Architectural Review Committee prior to construction.


Mailbox & Yard Light

Uniform mailbox and yard light are required and available for purchase at Von Tobel in Valparaiso.

Mailbox & Post

Item Von Tobel SKU # Price
67596 $104.99
Mailbox Post
Mailbox Post
67597 $133.99
In-Ground Mounting Kit
In-Ground Mounting Kit
67598 $29.99

Light & Post

Item Von Tobel SKU # Price
Light Fixture
Lighting Fixture
67599 $86.70
Light Post
Lighting Fixture Post
67600 $158.00